ImageHow Mac-Senior came to be:

In 2008, I retired from the Real Estate Management & Training Industry, being happy that I hadn’t needed to learn anything about technology before coming to the end of my career.  I knew how to send an email and I knew how to type a document and print it, but that was just about the whole extent of my understanding of technology.

Years before I had heard about Mac’s and how different they were and how easy to use.  I hoped it was true as I bought my first MacBook from our local Apple Store.  I learned how to use all of my Apple devices through the in-store workshops which were just great.  I went every week.

What I learned was that it was easy and that it brought more joy to my life than I had ever dreamed possible.  Before long, my grandchildren were exclaiming “…wow Grandma Sharon…you are getting so techie”  The best compliment they could have given me.   My Mac allowed me to access a creative side of my nature I hadn’t know before.  And it was easy…just as I had heard.

After three years of going into the store for training once a week, and feeling excited just from walking through those glass doors, I applied for a part-time job and was accepted.  I was 66 years old when they hired me.  Every day I worked there was thrilling to me.

While working at Apple, I became passionate about helping every Senior that walked through the door.  I wanted to share my experience and show them how easy it is, once you know just a few buttons to click.

After two and a half years, I became convinced that there were thousand of Seniors in the surrounding cities, that had iPads that had never been taken out of the box twice.  They had either been given an iPad by a family member or they had bought it themselves, both methods of acquisition being void of instructions as to how to set it up and use it.  I decide to quit my part time job to go out into the community and find Seniors that needed to know how to get the most out of their iPads, iPhone’s and Mac’s.

Mac-Senior is dedicated to helping Seniors stay in touch with their families through FaceTime and to the world at large through the internet.  The iPad is the perfect device for Seniors that have not had to learn the language of technology and really don’t want to.  And you don’t have to.  I can teach you “Conversational” technology that will allow you to do all the things you want to do, with ease and it’s fun.  Wonderfully fun.

I will be making video tutorials that show step by step how to do the most frequently requested instructions.  Let me know what you would like to learn and I’ll make a training video and add it to my collection.

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