Hello Mac-Seniors,

I finally finished the tutorial on 1Password and I must say that it was a struggle.  But I had wonderful help from the 1Password people and I’ve finally sent it off to YouTube and gotten the link to share with you.  I’ve met some young people that think they can help me get more video tutorials up on Mac-Senior University and that is such a wonderful thing to contemplate.  A bunch of young people making video tutorials for us Seniors.  How sweet is that?  Please watch my short video and then read further below…

I also want to share a video tutorial site called TechTalkAmerica.  The guy who runs the site is David Cox and hIs tutorial on 1Password is at this link:

I’m going to watch some of his tutorials myself and recommend you do likewise because I think we can all learn from this guy.  I like the fact that he says 1Password and Malwarebytes are the two most important apps to have on your Mac’s and your iOS devices too.

Anyway, I hope this video tutorial will be helpful and that you will go to my mac-senior.com site and sign up for my newsletter if you haven’t done so already.

Thanks for watching,


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