Our wonderful tech guide Max Nunan, has agreed to teach us how to get and use the wonderful alternatives to taxicabs, called Uber or Lyft. This video is about more than just how to install the apps and call a driver to come pick you up.

But first I want to say that I’ve heard about a very serious sounding issue with Apple security and that Apple has put out an “Update” to fix it. I called Apple and asked them about it and they said that yes they had just put out an “Update” to fix security breaches but that there were always people working to break into the system and that’s why Apple is constantly putting out updates that thwart the bad guys.

So here’s what I’m asking all of you to do for me Please! Put your Apple devices on “Automatic Update” so that when you plug in your phone each night (you do that right?) it will just do it for you. Same thing with your Mac computers usually. Some updates require restarting our computers but some can be done during the night while we sleep.

Now back to Max and why you should have both the Uber and the Lyft app on your iPhones!

The ITKid…Max Nunan

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